1. the act of cutting anything across: »

She sliced tomatoes for a salad by making a series of cross sections.

2. a piece cut in this way: »

A cross section of muscular tissue was observed under a microscope.

3. a) a drawing or diagram showing such a piece or the surface of such a cut. b) a drawing showing levels and profiles, for example in surveying.
4. Figurative. a sample; small selection of people, animals, or things with the same qualities as the entire group: »

If our neighborhood can be taken as a cross section of the town, then the mayor hasn't much chance of being reelected. He made a study of a cross section of middle-income families.

5. Physics. that portion of a nucleus subjected to bombardment by neutrons or other particles, in which a particular reaction will occur.
cross-sec|tion «KRS SEHK shuhn, KROS-», transitive verb.
1. to cut into cross sections.
2. to make a cross section of: »

Figurative. As the American samples opposite and overleaf show, the collection neatly cross-sections contemporary painting (Time).

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